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Cassette Manipulator [Tape Mangler]

This is a pretty simple hack but it’s really useful and fun to play with.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App 
was a £5 cassette player/recorder I bought from an online auction site.
It had a built in microphone which was completely useless, so I cut the
microphone wires and replaced the mic with a 1/4″ socket. Now I can
plug pretty much anything into it and record to cassette. I realise some
machines have a microphone socket as standard but some don’t.
removed the front cover so that while recording or playing back I can
apply friction to the spindles with my finger, slowing down the tape and
creating funny noises. I also like to mess around with holding down the
fast-forward/rewind buttons to create horrible screeching sounds and so
Combine it with the Electromagnetic Microphone for good times.
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