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Harmonica Mic [ = Security Camera + Telephone]

Here’s how I made a harp mic without actually spending any money.

The casing is from an old security camera that didn’t work anymore. I ripped the guts out of it, replaced the glass front with a bit of mesh from an old radio and cut some foam to fit in between the mesh and the mic. The microphone was the speaker from an old telephone, it’s that orange thing in the photo.

Luckily the speaker fit into the casing with only a little convincing from my grinder. I bored out the hole where the power cable used to enter the camera and fit a 1/4” mono socket in there. It’s all wrapped up in electrical tape so it doesn’t short against the casing. That’s soldered directly to the speaker. Screw the back on and that’s it.

You mightn’t find an old security camera, but the whole point here is that you can build a harp mic for next to nothing. Find an old telephone and get a bit creative.

Here’s a short demo of how it sounds. I’ve not done anything to the recording except for a touch of reverb.

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