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Resonator Guitar [Part 9 – Removing the fingerboard]

I really want to put steel strings on when it’s ready, but the guitar is originally a classical and they’re not designed to take the strain of steel strings. So I decided to remove the fingerboard and see if there was some way to put a metal rod inside it for strength. Out comes the mallet and scraper thing.


The fingerboard came off quite easily, probably ‘cos it was glued on with the same shit the rest of the thing was put together with.


There was already a metal bar in there!! This is a real coup. I’m going to sand down the neck now and get it ready to attach a new fingerboard. I considered sticking the old one back on but its just a crappy laminate, so I’m going to splash out on some rosewood and do a proper fret job.

I also finished re-gluing the front and attaching ghetto kerfing.


I used pegs to keep pressure on the little wooden blocks while the glue dries. The blocks will just provide more surface area when it comes time to reattach the back panel.

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