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Resonator Guitar [Part 8 – Tailpiece]

I thought of a few different designs for the tailpiece to anchor the strings. I was going to use a T hinge but as I couldn’t find one that I was happy with, I decided to carve it from wood.

I found a block of solid wood that I thought would take the strain of the strings. I think it was part of an old plaque or something as it had a fancy routed edge on it. I cut it to shape and then, as I wanted it angled, drew on guide lines.


I sawed several cuts into it and then removed the excess with a chisel.


I used the spacing from the bridge I originally removed and marked the points with a bradawl and drilled the holes. Somehow they came out slightly uneven on one side, but what’re you gonna do. After sanding down I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


And here it is glued and clamped.


Today I also did some work with the wood filler to fill holes, repair chips and smooth out saw marks.


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