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Resonator Guitar [Part 7]

So with the sound well glued together, I decided to smooth down the inside edge. The cover plate will mostly hide it, but I might as well sort it while I’ve got the chance. Sanding it by hand would have taken ages, so I rigged this up:


It’s a short section of broom handle. I put a fat screw in one end and chopped off the screw head once it was secure, leaving about an inch of shaft exposed. Then I wrapped it in sandpaper and secured it with cable ties. I attached it to the drill press and it works like a charm! I hung the vacuum from the drill to catch all the dust, as particleboard (aka, MDF) dust is nasty stuff and no fun to clean up.

That done, I glued it into the body. I also glued in a short section of wood to brace the front of the guitar against the strain of the strings. I applied pressure with some high tech pressure applying devices and left it over night.


The next day I smoothed the edges around the big open hole on the front with a Stanley knife and sandpaper. I put a very long screw into the neck heel, perpendicular to the finger board, to strengthen it, and then 2 more shorter screws into the heel from inside the guitar so it doesn’t pull away from the guitar once strung up. I don’t know if it’s really necessary to do all that but I’m not taking any chances.

I also used wood filler to fill any gaps in the front of the guitar, and to repair some chips on the headstock that happened when I reshaped it.

That done, I put in the back brace. I glued it in and used masking tape to apply pressure. I’ll screw it in from each end once the glue is dry.

[Edit: On completion of the guitar, the neck was at a slight angle to the body, meaning the action is very high. I suspect this may be where it happened. The back brace may have been slightly too long, pushing out the neck heel, and raising the neck. So be very careful to check the neck is dead parallel to the body if you do this.]

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I left that to dry over the weekend.

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