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Resonator Guitar [Part 6]

Today work started in earnest on the sound well. This is the bit the cone sits in. The plan was to cut rings out of plywood and stick them all together to build the well. I found some manky old plywood laying about and tried gluing it together before cutting it.


I glued and clamped it overnight but in the morning I realised it was just a bit too manky, so I ditched that and tried again using particleboard.

In this picture you can see the compass I made from a strip of wood because I am too cheap to buy a real compass.


Cake anyone?


And here is the final product just before I glued it together. There are 4 layers here. The top ring is slightly wider than the others so that it has maximum contact with the inside of the guitar. The bottom layer is cut from thin plywood (not manky) and is also wider, but this time protrudes into the middle so as to provide a rim for the cone to sit on.


This will all be glued together and then glued to the inside of the guitar. This is a major milestone!

I am yet to spend a penny on this project!

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