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Resonator Guitar [Part 5]

I really wanted to finish the sound holes with a metal edge, so first I tried using metal strips salvaged from the bottom edge of ring binders.


I quite liked how that turned out, but it was pretty much impossible to make a good job of the corners and the very short edges, so I tried something else. I cut open a softdrink can, traced the bolt onto it, then cut them out about 1cm bigger than the original. I then scored the tin from the back along the actual lines of the bolt, and cut the inside of it into tabs. It’s kind of hard to explain, so look at this picture.


I placed it on and bent the tabs round the edge of the hole.


I really like how that turned out. Once the whole thing is painted I’ll glue them on properly. If it looks like it won’t turn out I think I’ll just use a stencil and paint a border around the holes. We’ll see.

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