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Resonator Guitar [Part 3]

So it’s  time to start modifying the body.

First up was the big hole that the cone will sit in. I used a stanley knife and pliers to remove all the bracing inside the guitar. Then, using the frying pan as a template, I traced a circle onto the front of the guitar, making sure that the centre point was exactly where the old bridge was, so that the intonation of the frets stays the same. I was going to cut out the circle with a coping saw as the last time I used a jigsaw I was totally rubbish. But when I realised that would take forever I faced my fears and jigsawed it after all.

  Photobucket Photobucket

It was actually a hell of a lot easier than I thought it would be. I first drilled a hole to fit the jigsaw blade in. I made sure to cut well inside the line and then finished it off with a file and sandpaper.

The next thing I decided to tackle was the sound holes. Because ‘f’ shaped sound holes on guitars are like, so passé, mine are shaped like lightning bolts because lightning bolts are rock’n’roll, just ask AC/DC, Metallica or Queen. So, using an advanced piece of graphic design software (MS Paint) I drew some lightning bolts and printed them out to the right size. I positioned them on the guitar with some blue tack and stood back to check the positioning.


Pleased with that, I traced them onto the wood and jigsawed them out, again cutting well inside the line as it’s a lot easier to remove wood than replace it.


I finished it off with files and sandpaper.

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