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Resonator Guitar [Part 2]

Right, so today I removed the rest of the bracing from inside of the guitar and made a start on reinforcing the structure of the body.

There wasn’t any real kerfing to attach the front and back to the sides, and the old glue isn’t holding it, so I’ve started glueing it down, using some little wooden blocks (cut from the old braces) to add some more strength. As I’ve only got two clamps I can only do this on a short section at a time!


Today I found an aluminium pan I intend to use as the resonator cone. It’s really light and makes a surprisingly loud noise when you DING it, so I reckon that might do the trick. Obviously I’ll remove the handle before installing it!


Because I don’t particularly like ornate headstocks I decided to alter the original design on the guitar. I really like guitars with straight-topped or slightly curved headstocks, so I went ahead and rounded it off with a saw, a file and sandpaper. I used a sauce pan lid as a template for the curve.


In the next picture you can see some sketches I’ve done to try and figure out what the hell I’m doing, a bath drain cover-plate I thought about using for sound holes but have since thought better of using, and some metal strips. The strips are the edges off ring binders that stop the bottom edge of the binder wearing away. They’re sort of U-shaped so I’m thinking of using them along the edges of the F-Holes, which will actually be lightning bolt shaped. 

The next stage is the ‘sound well’ that the resonator cone will sit in. If you’re not sure what that is, fret not (boom tish), the next post will be all about resonator guitars, their parts and how they work. Not that I’m any sort of authority on the matter!

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