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Resonator Guitar [Part 11 – First Paint!]

So we’re nearing the finish line now. I’m in for a nice surprise/major disappointment within a week or so!

I decided to paint the inside of the guitar black so that when you peer in the sound holes or take the cone out the ugly bracing and such is disguised.


The picture on the right looks a right mess. It is. But that’s cos I’ve only painted the bits you can actually see through the holes. I used a tin of black gloss I found.


I painted the edge of the sound holes now as well so that I’m not screwing around with the spray paint when I paint the body. The sound well will be painted as well at some point.


I’ve drilled a little hole in the sound well there that lines up with the hole I drilled for the jack socket. I’m not exactly sure what the best position is gonna be for the pickup; I’m going to try a few different options to see how I get the best sound. One option is to just mount it on that black brace directly under the bowl. It might turn out that it works best attached to the outside of the cone, so that’s why I’ve drilled that hole, so the wires can feed through.


So now finally the back is glued back on! I just used PVA, and loads and loads of masking tape to clamp the edges. I put tins of paint and a bucket of bolts (an actual bucket, not a rubbish car) on top to glue the back to the brace as I don’t want any rattling.

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