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Cigar Box Guitar

I’d been meaning to make a cigar box guitar ever since Plankenstein, so when I found an old cigar box for 50 pence in a charity last year, I had no excuse for putting it off any longer.


The only things I purchased for this project were the box, and the piezo-speaker and jack. All in all it came to a couple of quid. The ‘found items’ philosophy extended to the strings, which are in fact bits of wire.


The nut is a big fat bolt I found. I cut the end off, and filed down one side flat so it would sit flush on the neck. The neck is a bit of wood I found in the shed and sanded down with nothin’ but good ol’ elbow grease. And sandpaper.


The mint tin acts as the bridge and the pickup. The pickup is just a piezo transducer wired directly to a quarter inch jack. I got them both from Maplin. The strings are anchored in a converted door bolt housing. I broke two drill bits drilling the damn thing but it works like a charm. The neck runs right through the body for MAXIMUM SUSTAIN.

The tuners are carved from wood, and do actually work, but the wire is so stiff that it’s really difficult to actually tune.

I had a recording of it on ReverbNation until I closed that account, so I’ll record something new with it soon.

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